CBD Cream Skin Care

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Is CBD suitable for external use?

Most definitely! The medicinal effects of the cannabis plant are ideal for treating skin problems, acne, and other external issues. You can use the ointments and crèmes of Hemptouch and Jacob Hooy to do so—the very best on the market!

The effect CBD has on our skin

The CBD products of the top-brands Jacob Hooy and Hemptouch have a beneficial effect on the skin. Whether it is about thoroughly nourishing the dry skin, or, for example, about dealing with severe issues like psoriasis or acne; with these products you are ready to face the world again.


Usable for many symptoms and disorders

CBD cream has been proven to be effective for many complaints and many skin conditions. Cannabidiol can reduce swelling, relieve itching, reduce allergies and relieve insect bites. Furthermore, positive results are obtained in combating or alleviating warts, eczema and many skin diseases.

How to use CBD cream with turning system

Unscrew the lid of the jar, turn to the bottom of the jar and a tip cream comes out to the top. Now you can easily dispense the desired amount of ointment. This is an extremely hygienic way to use the cream because the fingers do not come into contact with the ointment in the jar.